How to view invoices

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1. To view an order in WooCommerce, go to WooCommerce in your WordPress dashboard and then click Orders. This will bring up a list of orders that have been made on your site.

Screenshot of clicking Orders

2. When someone purchases a product from your site, the admin will receive an email notification. It will also go into the system and show up on the list as well. It will display all of the order information, including the customer’s email address, the number of items they purchased, order messages, the date, and the total.

Screenshot of order information

3. You’ll see an icon beside the order number. This icon depends on how your payment options are set up; it could be Completed, Processing, or On Hold.

Screenshot of the icon next to the order number

4. Once the order is complete, click the tick button under Actions to complete the order.

Screenshot of clicking the tick button

5. To view more details about the order, click the eye icon under Actions. It will show all the details you would expect from an order, such as shipping and billing information.

Screenshot of clicking the eye icon

6. You can also change the order status on the left side of the screen by selecting an option from the Order Actions drop down menu.

Screenshot of Order Actions drop down menu

7. Below Order Actions, you’ll see Order Notes and Add note. The item list and total are also displayed.

Screenshot of Order Notes and Add note

8. If you want to refund the order, click Refund. This needs to be connected to your payment option.

Screenshot of clicking Refund

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