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Why isn’t my site appearing in Google?

I have a new website

If your website is new, it may take a couple of weeks for it to appear in Google.

Why? Googlebot is Google’s web crawling robot, it searches and indexes pages that is on the web. As you could imagine, the web is huge! It can take time to search and index the whole web.

You can submit your website to Google via a webmaster account which could speed up the process.


It’s still not appearing or i’m seeing ‘A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt – learn more.’

If you are running WordPress, log into the admin and go to Settings > Reading

Select ‘Allow search engines to index this site‘.

If ‘Ask search engines not to index this site‘ is checked, the website will be restricted from Google.

The changes won’t be instant in Google. Please allow a few days to see the changes.


I have changed the Privacy Settings and still nothing

There may be a file on your hosting called ‘robots.txt’ which may be blocking it. Contact us to have it removed.

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