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Elementor Columns Tutorial

Elementor Columns Tutorial


1. Hold down the Inner Section and drag down to the Drag Widget Here to create a new section.

Screenshot of dragging down the Inner Section

2. On your left hand screen, click the Nine Squares icon.

Screenshot of clicking the Nine squares icon

3. You can put an Image within the section.

Screenshot of putting an image

4. You can add a Text Editor as well.

Screenshot of clicking Add Text Editor

5. Click the Style above your left hand screen to add different colours and even images if you want.

Screenshot of clicking the Style

6. Click the Classic in the Background Type and apply the Image from your library.

screenshot of applying an Image

7. After choosing an image, click Insert Media.

screenshot of clicking Insert Media

8. The background can either be tiled or have other Options.


9. Add a Layer to the column.

Screenshot of adding layer to the column

10. Click the Style, if you want the background to be white.

screenshot of clicking the style

11. Click the Classic in the Background Type and then click Colour. You can make your choice between white and any other colour.

screenshot of clicking the colour

12. If you want to adjust more padding and margin, click Advanced. Padding is inside of the block and margin is outside.

Screenshot of adjusting padding and margin

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