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Elementor Global font tutorial

Elementor Global font tutorial

1. On the left side of the screen, there is our widget area. Click the Three line icon and go to Site Settings.

Screenshot of going to site settings

2. Select the Global fonts.

Screenshot of selecting global fonts

3. Go to the Text Section and you will see the Roboto font. You can change it to any font you want.

Screenshot of going to text section

4. Click the Back Arrow Icon in the left top corner.

Screenshot of clicking back arrow

5. After going back, click the Typography, and you will see there are multiple options here.

Screenshot of clicking typography

6. To change the colour of your link, click the Colour and choose the colour that you want.

Screenshot of clicking the colour

7. As you can see, the text is default, and if you want to change the font, click the Down Arrow and you can change the font.

Screenshot of clicking the down arrow

8. Go to H1, and click the Typography. You can also change the Font and Size.

Screenshot of changing the font and size of h1


9. In H2, select Typography. You can change the Font, Size, Weight, Decoration and Style.

Screenshot of changing the Font, Size, Weight, Decoration and Style of h2

10. The Letter Spacing may vary on what is available with the actual font but you change the letter spacing as well.
11. Let’s alter the colour of H3 and change the Font. That is how we can alter fonts on Google font Elementor.

Screenshot of changing the font of h3

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