How to create a coupon in Woocommerce


1. Go to WooCommerce, then click Coupons in the left-hand menu.

Screenshot of clicking Coupons

2. Click Add Coupon.

Screenshot of clicking Add Coupon

3. After that, type in a Coupon code. Users will enter this on the cart page to get a discount. In this tutorial, we’ll create a coupon for a December 50%-off Christmas sale. You can also add a Description for your own benefit, but users will not see it.

Screenshot of Coupon code

4. Under General, select the Discount type. We will use Cart% Discount in this tutorial. Other options include Cart discount, Product discount, and Product % discount.

Screenshot of selecting Discount type

5. Enter the Coupon Amount.

Screenshot entering the Coupon Amount

6. Select an Expiry date. Since the example only applies to December, we’ll choose December 31st.

Screesnhot of selecting an Expiry date

7. Under Usage Restriction, enter the Minimum spend and Maximum spend requirements. If you enter $100 as the Minimum spend, the coupon will be valid only for orders of $100 or more. The opposite applies for Maximum spend.

Screenshot of entering the Minimum spend and Maximum spend

8. Tick Individual use only if the coupon cannot be combined with other coupons. Additionally, you have the option to Exclude sale items.

Screenshot of Ticking Individual use only

9. The coupon code can be applied to or excluded from a particular product. In the Products or Exclude products field, enter the product name and then click.

Screenshot of entering the product name

10. You can also assign a coupon to a category or exclude a category by selecting the category in Product categories or Exclude categories.

Screenshot of selecting the category

11. Enter an email address under Email restrictions to limit who can use the coupon based on their email address.

Screenshot of entering an email address

12. In the Usage Limits section, you’ll see the Usage per coupon and Usage per limit. For this example, we’ll choose 100 for the Usage per coupon and one for the Usage limit per user.

Screenshot of Usage per coupon and Usage per limit

13. After you’ve completed all of the settings, click Publish. When you return to Coupons, the newly created coupon will be there.

Screenshot of clicking Publish

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