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What is FTP?

File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is a protocol used for transferring files from one computer to another – typically from your computer to a web server. FTP is the preferred method of exchanging files because it’s faster than other protocols like HTTP or POP. If you need to exchange large files, you should consider FTP.

FTP data is sent and received through computer port 21 and under the TCP protocol. The transfer is asynchronous, meaning not at the same time, and therefore faster than other protocols.

Moving Around FTP Directories

You can move through levels of directories in the same way that you do in Windows Explorer in Windows. In other words, double mouse click on a directory to see its contents. Move up the directories by clicking on the up arrow folder icon and down directories by clicking on the directory’s folder icon.

Lets say you had built a web site and you wanted to upload all your files to your ISP’s web server. In the left pane you would go to the directory with your HTML files and picture files in it. In the right pane you would find your “work space” (supplied by your ISP, usually 5MB). In the left pane you would highlight the files you want to move to the web server and then click the up pointing arrow. Note that you can delete and rename files in your FTP program.


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