Shopify vs WooCommerce

SnapshotShopify makes selling online and managing a growing brand incredibly easy. Based out of Canada, Shopify prides itself on being the easiest to use eCommerce platform. The Shopify App Store offers monthly subscriptions for hundreds of new features and integrations.

Great value and quicker for us to develop on but often with higher ongoing costs as you’re essentially renting Shopify’s service, it’s a great platform for early-stage eCommerce businesses that lets us create beautiful designs and store experiences.
WooCommerce is powerful yet easy to use with heavy integration with your favourite marketing and accounting tools. The power of WooCommerce is the virtually limitless customization we can do to it, from anything to the front-end shopping experience to streamlining the backend reporting and administration for your needs.

Originally created as an add-on to WordPress, it has grown to power more online stores than any other platform. Online stores built on WooCommerce typically have a longer life span as new features can be written from scratch rather than relying on apps or plugins.
Getting TechnicalShopify hosts everything for you so you don’t need to worry about payment gateways and web hosting.WooCommerce & WordPress are installed on your own server that we set up for you, giving you complete ownership of your store.
5 things we loveSimple to use
Unlimited, 24/7 toll free Shopify support
Conveniently run your store on the go
1-click integrations
Start selling in no time at all
No design limitations
Lower ongoing costs
Full ownership
Multiple custom page layouts
Very customisable
Starting FromBeautiful Shopify online stores start from $10k including a mobile siteWooCommerce online stores start from $16k including a mobile site and server setup