Web Design for Accountants

So you’re looking into getting a website for your Accounting business in Melbourne. What do you need on the website to bring in more customers?

Important features to have on websites for Accountants

A clear contact form would be one of the most important features to have on your website. When a customer lands on your website looking for a accounting service, they want to be able to contact you as fast as possible. A clear, bright form at the top of the home page will allow your customers not to waste any time searching for it. The form may be titled ‘Enquire with us’.

Equally as important as the enquiry form is to have a phone number on every page. This is usually located on the top right of the website. Large enough so it’s easily readable.

If it’s an existing accounting business, adding customer testimonials adds user confidence when looking for the right accountant in Melbourne. You might want to add a whole page with testimonials of have one or two on the home page.

Users will most likely search for local accountants, so you would need to mention what suburbs or areas you cover. This might be a matter of listing every suburb, say that you service 50kms surrounding Doncaster, or mention that you cover all of Melbourne.

Your accounting website will need to say what you do and who you are. Adding staff photos will personalise your site and will show the users that there are real people behind the business.

Great looking accountancy website. Now what?

So… you now have a great looking website with clear call to actions. Now how will you bring people to you website?

Connecting your website to social media website is a start. You also want to be found in Google maps, so connecting your website to Google Maps and Plus is essential.

We can then add your accounting website to general and targeted directories, such as Yellow Pages online.

Lastly, you would want to optimize your website for Google. By adding keywords throughout your website, in carefully selected locations, will help Google find you and improve your rankings.

We have many years’ experience in web design for accountants and can help you out from start to launch to bringing on customers.

Your local accountant website designers in Melbourne

Christom offers the following:

  • Responsive website. Works on all devices
  • Website Developed to be Search Engine Friendly
  • Search Engine Friendly URLS
  • Built-in SEO Tools
  • Browser testing in website on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer (9,10,11) and Safari
  • Fixing bugs and post-launch support for one month
  • Social icons
  • Enquiry form
  • Unlimited pages
  • Adding a favicon to the website (little icon next to the
  • Multi-level navigation
  • Footer menus
  • Sitemap for Google indexing
  • Social media icons
  • Contact form
  • Custom built Content Management System (CMS)
    to enable you to update own website, easily.
  • Log into your CMS from any computer
  • Upload PDFs and images to your website
  • Embed videos
  • Website training so you can update the website yourself
  • Providing ongoing technical support for WordPress
  • Support tutorials on our website
  • Establishing ongoing client relationship and web master
  • Security features to prevent hackers
  • Backup plugin with automatic backups
  • Directory submissions
  • Domain and web hosting help
  • Connect Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Maps and Google Plus

Included options if your website requires them

  • Website search
  • Rotating home banner
  • Breadcrumb navigation trail
  • Newsletter signup form
  • Share buttons for sharing your pages
  • Google maps

Plus many more goodies…

We make the process easy. Contact your local Melbourne accounting website designer to get your accountant web site online today.