WordPress Is Dominating the Market Share

What would happen in the world of blogging if WordPress hadn’t been introduced? Probably, things would be different.

WordPress totally changed the way on how to manage and create blogs and websites. Today, anyone can easily set it up and develop their presence in the online market. Just simply install your favorite theme and plugins and you’ll definitely have a running online business in just a matter of minutes. And despite the growing number of companies competing with this blogging platform, WordPress still considered the most popular used content management systems in the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing reasons why WordPress continues to dominate the web market:

Simple and Easy-To-Use

One of the primary reasons why a lot of bloggers and online marketers choose WordPress is because of its simplicity and user-friendly navigations. With WordPress, anyone can easily set-up their own website in just a few minutes. It allows you to start a website by just simply applying the themes and plugins that you want to appear on your site. And the best thing is there’s no need for you to be a professional programmer or computer geek to be able to do that. By just simply clicking your mouse, you can already design your site the way you wanted it to be. Its ability to provide simple web design gives an opportunity for online marketers to create professionally-made website, which has a potential to attract online clients and expand online presence.

Features and Function

WordPress also contains lots of features, which are completely customisable. WordPress users may easily install and change themes, whenever they want. This function allows the bloggers and online marketers to modify the appearance of their website without making any alteration in their content or website structure. There are thousands of WordPress theme offered – some are free and some have cost (premium).

In addition, WordPress also features 26,000 plugins, which enable online marketers to customize their site according to their specific needs. With WordPress, no need for you to worry about the hassle of learning on how to use HTML coding and spending your precious time managing your site.

Other features include the ability to create multiple blogs within one installation, link management integration, application for mobiles, and support for tagging of articles and content.

Service and Updates

WordPress is used by majority of website owners, so you can definitely guarantee that it is secure and completely functional. In addition, the developers of WordPress make sure that WordPress is always up-to-date, conforming to the latest rules and standards of online system. And since this is an open source platform, finding answers to your concerns is easy. WordPress has an official support forum, where users can interact and support each other.

Custom template

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