Benefits of having a responsive website

Times are changing. The existence of modern technology has changed the way people learn and perform their jobs. Today, everything is relied on the internet. About 81% of people browse the internet to read news online and search for information they need, and almost 67% shop online. And with the increasing preference of web users to use modern devices for browsing and shopping, the need for a more flexible and responsive web page is becoming essential.

If you’re in the world of internet marketing, you’ve probably heard about the term “Responsive Web Design.” But what is a responsive web design, and how is it become useful to businesses and online users? Before diving too deeply to know the importance of the responsive web design, you must first understand the meaning of it.

What is a responsive design?

The rapid growth of internet users and existence of innovative devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have been the driving force for this new development. Traditionally, web pages were only created and modified according to the screen size of desktop computers. Web designers needed to build separate sites in order to maximize the viewing experience of users from other devices, such as for mobile screens. However, because of the growing number of devices with web access, it’s becoming difficult to create multiple web customizations to serve all existing online users.

Responsive web design is a new approach in web designing wherein a website is created to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices, from desktop computer to smartphones. With it, users will be able to have an easier web access and reading experience whether they’re using a larger or smaller device – no need to do so much scrolling, zooming, or resizing.

Why is it important?

Since the introduction of responsive web design, more and more internet marketers and businesses have utilized it; and with the consistent growth of mobile web access, it is expected that the number of marketers using it will also continuously increase.

There is a large number of reasons why incorporating a responsive web design is essential. One of the biggest benefits is it makes your website effectively visible to all users, no matter what device they use. There is a specific code embedded into your website’s layout that automatically adjusts to fit on the size of the device calling it. This provides a great viewing and reading experience for your customers. They’ll be able to comfortably browse for what they need through their mobile phones, without the hassle of turning on their computers.

Another benefit of having a responsive website is it increases conversion sales and profits. It is shown that responsive websites are more likely to have retained visitors than conventional sites because of the ease of use and improved function.

When it comes to search engine optimization, having a responsive site is definitely a great advantage. Aside from this is what Google recommends, it provides you a great deal of savings in time and cost. SEO campaigns are costly and time-consuming, not to mention the need of consistent thinking and managing. But if you have a responsive site, you no longer need to worry about different SEO strategies to maintain or increase your site’s ranking – all your focus will only be meant for a single site, which is great.

Is my website responsive?

With the billions of internet users across the world, it definitely just makes sense to ensure that your website is really responsive or not. In this way, you’ll not just be able to know if your website loads fast, but also whether it fits through a wide range of mobile devices. Definitely, the more responsive your website is, the more chances you have to attract potential clients.

View your website on your mobile phone. If the layout is the same as the PC, your website is not responsive. A responsive layout should look like on a mobile phone.

What does responsive design cost?

The cost for redesigning your website depends on several factors, but definitely, it is much more costly that building a conventional site. If you only have a simple business website, modifying it may cost you a few hundred to a thousand of dollars. But if you do not own one yet, or you have a site that you haven’t modified for several years, then chances are you need to spend a little more. But everything depends on your site and the web designer you’ll hire. If you’re not sure, contact us about the service cost and how long it will take to make your site to be responsive.